Sample Basic Programs.

This site features sample BASIC programs that you can run on QuickCalc. 

Just click on the program you want to download, then select “File / Save As” and save it in the folder where you keep your BASIC application programs.

Or you can download a zip file containing all of the programs mentioned below.

Note:  All the sample programs are installed along with QuickCalc BASIC if you check the “Sample Programs” box during installation.  Sample programs are placed in the “My Documents”\QuickCalc folder, and are not automatically uninstalled.

You are invited to share BASIC programs that you have written.  Just attach a copy of the program and email it to feedback@quickcalcbasic.com.  Be sure to include a brief description of what the program does as a comment at the beginning of the .txt file.  All programs submitted become public domain.

Watch this site as new programs will be added regularly.

Make sure you have the latest version of QuickCalc BASIC, since some of these samples require the newer features and functions.

Graphics Programs:


  Sine and Cosine

  Sine and Cosine with Text

  Sin, Cosine and Tangent with Text

  Draw Various Geometric Shapes

  Orbits of the Planets

  Pie Chart

  Periodic Table

  Filled Shapes Demo

  Sample Color Chart

Standard Colors  - an include file defining all the colors in the Sample Color Chart.

Basic Colors  - a smaller include file defining 14 of the most common colors.

  Bar Graph

 Filled Below Graph

 Slide Rule Demo

    Digital Clock

     Presidents Timeline

       Smoothing and Averaging Plots

       Rotated Shadow Text

         Target Complex Shape

   Calendar – any month

      Character Outlines

       Warp Character Outlines

  Mouse-Click Shapes

  Indicators (using CHANGESHAPE)


      Address Book

Arduino File Transfer (BASIC)

Arduino File Transfer (sketch)  

Sorting an Array

Simulated Complex Variable Functions

  Area of an Irregular Polygon

Sample Check Register Using Random File

 (more to come…)