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QUICKCALC BASIC ver. 2.4.1  now with GRAPHICS

A Windows-based BASIC interpreter.


Easy-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI).

High-speed, high-precision long number calculations (up to 1 million digits).

Extensive on-line documentation. (View Documentation)

Debugging features.

Freeware. No charge to use it. (see License Agreement)   

Takes only about 4 MB on your hard drive.

Installs (and uninstalls) in less than 1 minute. (view README file)

Edit your BASIC programs in Notepad.

 Version 2.4.1 now includes Simple-To-Use-Graphics:

          Produce graphs in seconds with a few simple statements,

Now includes TEXT and SHAPES.

Click here to download and/or install QuickCalc BASIC.    (LATEST VERSION is 2.4.1)

Download Sample BASIC Programs to run on QuickCalc.

Read Technical Papers related to QuickCalc BASIC implementation.